self-polishing silver, tuesday’s tip

What is the easiest way to keep your silver polished? Go old school, and pick up a box of chalk from your local office supply store. Put a few pieces in your jewelry box. (Give the rest to those beautiful neices and nephews, and teach em how to play hopscotch). The chalk helps keep the silver from oxidizing (tarnishing), thus lowering your need to polish so often. This is really good for all you guys and gals who have a lot of jewelry that doesn’t get into circulation that often.

Try it with silver tablewear too!


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2 responses to “self-polishing silver, tuesday’s tip

  1. ceecee

    What about your faucets?
    I know it’s not silver, but I hate those ugly watermarks on my shower faucet!

  2. style goddess


    Well, your silverware and jewelery (of course) is different than your faucets. It’s not wet most of the time, which is why the chalk works.

    If you would like an easy way to keep your showerhead rather newish looking grab some CLR from the grocery or hardware store. Take an old bowl, pour it on over the showerhead (don’t stand beneath it!). Let it stand, then take an old toothbrush, and scrub it all over. Presto!!!!

    The old school recipe is vinegar and baking soda powder. This version is also ‘eco-freindly’, which to me just means no chemicals. Mix half and half, scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse.

    And by that way YOU POSTED MY VERY FIRST COMMENT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it.

    Style Goddess

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