Rit Dye, tuesday’s tip

Cocoa Brown

I have been using Rit for as long as I could purchase my own underwear. That’s a long time. Why is this relevant? Because, only within the last say 5 or 6 years have underwear manufacturers figured out that we aren’t all the same shade of nude. But alas, us smart fillies figured out a way to get the nude look to match our skin tone, without having to wait some 25 years for the lingerie world to play catch up. 

  1. If you are scared you will forever ruin your precious lingerie, try this with cheapies first. That’s my disclaimer. 
  2. Find perfect bra (or panties, or whatever). Purchase it. In white, or nude, or any light color.
  3. Add perfect shade of Rit in a warm bucket of warm water (hot is not really necessary, and hot water can damage the delicate elastic material in your undies). Or if you own your own washer machine, set the water level to low. Let the water run warm.
  4. Add undies. Stir around, for 15 to 20 minutes if in bucket. If in washer machine, set to delicate cycle and let it do it’s thing.
  5. Set the rinse cycle to cold. Let it rinse. If in bucket, rinse under cold water.
  6. Hang dry
  7. If using a washer machine, run a load of dark clothes, or just an empty load (all water, little soap) cycle.

Happy? Let me know.

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