Chris Tucker, good reading

We’ve missed Chris! I’m glad to see him back…not that he ever went anywhere. He was around, but he was growing himself, which I always believe to be an excellent thing!!! (I think he had his Africa ticket ready, thanks Dave Chappell ;))

Nia Online took some time out with him to chat….

Just before Rush Hour opened, NiaOnline caught up with Tucker in Atlanta, where he spends a great deal of his time. We discussed the effect that his African travels and newly discovered roots have had on him.

Q: You seem really happy.
A: Oh, thank you. You know I got some rest– for six years! I’ve traveled the world. I’ve seen different cultures, met different people, and been to 14 different countries in Africa doing a lot of work over there. I took advantage of being a celebrity, and I [took] a lot of great trips with smart people like Bono, President Clinton, Colin Powell. I learned about what’s going on around the world, and I got interested in a lot of these things, and thought they were more important than making a movie.

To see the rest, click here.

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