repurposed traveable wool handbags for fall, ecologically chic

When I first spied these felt bags on (which a fabulous site!), I thought, I have to find out more about their original maker. I want to think Josh Jakus was thinking of me when he created these ecologically chic bags.


I’m the type of girl who changes her bag every single day. I mean, I come home, get relaxed, and sort all of my stuff out of my purse, leave it on my desk for the next day. I’m a big beleiver in varied accessories and hate to carry the same bag day-in-day-out. New day, new bag.

When I travel, I still like to change out my bag everyday. What makes it hard is that you have a limited amount of accessories you can carry. I usually serve the purpose of varied handbags by carrying Lesportsac bags, but during the fall monthes have yearned for something more substantional, more fall like, than my collection of summery-weight nylon Sportsacs.


  This is the clutch unzipped, $65  felt-2.jpg

And the tote is hot, $115  felt-tote-3.jpgfelt-tote-2.jpg

This is what the tote looks like unzipped felt-tote-1.jpg

These bags unzip to lie flat making them a great travel accessory – it also helps while storing them and getting them dry cleaned. The bags are made from factory wool excess, so we also get the benefit of recycling. Another benefit, grey is a great neutral to the varying colors of fall.

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