fashionable handsfree beer, just in time for football season

It’s football season. Forget all those fake, cut, forced issues that happen on reality show’s like the Apprentice or America’s Top Model. Football is the best in reality television all the way up until after New Year’s. Cable companies are making enough money off the NFL Package right now to layoff people come spring time.

I happen to like beer a whole lot too. I like to do my housework while the game is on. Multi-tasking and mobility, go hand and hand with this beer holster. Hook it on your belt and keep it moving. Those of us who enjoy barbecuing that insist a cue is not a cue without a drank to go with it, will also find this a good accessory to have while cooking. No more putting the bottle down while you turn the meat. Do you host parties? Ever wonder where you left your bottle? Hmmmm, not anymore!


Although this holster is pictured with a beer in it, it could also hold a glass, but you would really have to be careful with that. Spilling liquor is considered alcohol abuse in my house. The red is hot, but this baby comes in black too for $22.


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