my top five timeless wardrobe musts, tuesday’s tip

I felt compelled to write a Top Five Musts. These five tips address what helps one to achieve timeless style. These tips transcend fashion trends, and they will help you to stay stylish and comfortable in your own wardrobe, no matter how large or small. They are musts in the sense of fabulosity and great taste.

  1. Find thee self a good tailor. How? Ask someone close to you where they go, or just test your new person out, by giving the tailor smaller jobs to do. I found mine through my favorite cleaners. I asked for a few pants to be hemmed first. Then I moved to alterations on sleeves. I’m a petite, size 14 on top, 8-10 on bottom. Rarely did I buy a dress and it fit in all the right places. All the dresses I had bought in a previous floral rage, I asked the tailor to make those dresses into skirts. Little by little, he did more and more, and never failed me. He never knew he was being interviewed for the job by altering my clothes here and there. It’s been a great relationship.
  2. Find thee self a good shoe cobbler. How? Ask someone close to you where they go. I have good one, Brooks here in Chicago. I beleive you can even ship your shoes to them from anywhere in the US. They are expensive, but good. They can rebuild a shoe from the last up. They can do an exact fabric swatch match-good to know when you need a shoe dyed to match on outfit that you just got altered at your new tailor. I also take my shoes to the round-the-way spots when I just need a heel plate or a buff and clean. (There is nothing worse than a diva with a great walk and ran over shoes. Or, a bad ass suit, but no one will get too close because you may set yourself on fire any minute-you’ve walked your shoes down to the nails….ugh…click-clacking on the pavement like ain’t a damn thing wrong. And got a damn Louis hanging off her arm….dig for some change and get thee to the Shoe Man QUICK!!!)
  3. Find thee a good barber or hair stylist. How? If you read the first two you know what to do. Why? Because a good cut offsets the WORST bad hair days. Good cuts make life easier.
  4. Find thee a good person to help you with your lingerie wardrobe. Your undergarments are just as important as the outer garments. Ladies. This. Is. Really. Important. Not every bra goes with every dress or blouse. Nor does every thong or pair of panties look good with every pair of pants, jeans, or capris. You really need to have a variety. And you know who you are.
  5. Get yourself a full size mirror. Do a whole body look before leaving out the door in the morning. If if looks bad now, it will feel worse later.


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2 responses to “my top five timeless wardrobe musts, tuesday’s tip

  1. JD

    great tips, I have an excellent tailor, I am a size 50 coat and a 40 waist, It used to be 36 but I also enjoy hands free beer and good chow.How do you suggest a man find someone to help with undergarments. I never put a lot of thought into them.

  2. style goddess

    Well JD, you stumped me on the undergarments for men! (That’s a good post for me write about) Here’s my basic reply.

    I guess my thinking is wear what’s comfortable of course, but also to think about how your underwear and tee’s help to give you a smoother, look. Draws that are too big or too small cause more problems than they are worth so I would always suggest finding and sticking with a brand that fits you in all ‘the right places’.

    Cotton tee’s actually help your shirts to stay neat looking by absorbing sweat. But again, the fit is essential. If a crewneck is too tight, you suffer and it shows. A-lines are great, and IMO work with just about any gear you need to wear, from rocking the casual wear and classics on up to a suit.

    Long sleeved tees underneath dress shirts provide more warmth during the winter monthes, and I recommend silk long-sleeved shirts and long underpants for the smoothest, warmth providing defense against cold in the wintertime. A good site to look at is They can look girly-like tights-but ain’t a damn thing funny about not being warm enough. Also, the knits that Terrell Owens wears (I think they are by Nike) during training and under his football uniform when they are playing in colder climates are great for keeping warm without adding bulk.

    Are you thinking yet? 🙂

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