mondo beyondo, word of my year, committing it to print

I was kinda glad to see 2008 go. But it was huge for me in terms of growth (and I had a freaking ball!!!!). If I didn’t learn anything else, I learned that if you set your intentions, down in print, you are more likely to succeed in accomplishing said intentions.

So here I go. Along with my intentions, I have chosen a word to focus on the entire year. I’m intending “persistance” in my life. I chose persistance because I have found that quitting is easier sometimes. But I will never attain the success I am looking for if I don’t persist through the hard stuff.

Persistance. I love this. I have been following Ms. Kane on her blog since last year, and her words are always right on time. She’s blogged all about what happens when you really reach your true self, and intend on what you want to bring into your life. Thanks Christine Kane!

Mondo beyondo is about “the things you are wanting to manifest that are almost too scary to even write down.” Kelly Rae Roberts wrote her mondo beyondo 2008 intents around this same time last year, and if you read about through her blog, she has since enjoyed most of 2008 watching her intents unfold right before her eyes. She is an amazing artist and possibilitarian and I have enjoyed following her journey since finding her blog last year. She’s really poignant, honest, and a feeling person and makes you really believe if you have thought about it, you can probably attain it (her book is great too).

Christine, Kelly and Stacy Brice (Virtual Moxie is quoted below) have all inspired me to really work hard on ME this year. They don’t know it, but I am glad to have them on the web and I am wholly encouraged by their entreprenuerial spirit and creative drive.

For 2009, I intend:

  • To not be working the same government job I currently am on-this time next year. My true calling and talents have expanded, grown and exceeded the dimensions of my current space
  • Travel, not just domestically. I want to break in my passport (Italy, Europe, Jamaica, etc.), I want to have to rush to get more pages added by the time we see 2010 (did I mention it’s brand-new?). Travel and teaching, travel and learning, travel and living as a possibilitarian
  • A Harley-Davidson motorcyle. A fantastic helmet and wardrobe to accompany
  • Two ebooks, one on style, the other a topic I can’t mention yet and so many clients that I have to hire VA’s to help me out with my work load. Personally worked with or working with a few of my Invisible Mentors: Naomi Dunford, Oprah, Christine Kane, Havi, Penelope, Pam Slim
  • Continued growth with my Mister, and a home in Florida with him
  • Serious wealth and no debt

Now, do I know how all this is going to happen? Hell naw. But you gotta start somewhere. Somewhere the dreams have to take root and become the goals, the desires, the intentions of what life you really want for yourself.

“Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win–essential to success.” Napoleon Hill (thanks for the quote, Virtual Moxie!)

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