How to keep comfortable during the Inauguration Parties

Ladies and gentlemen, I will not be attending the Inauguration. Obama got my vote. I don’t feel like trying to party with him.

Ok, truthfully, I am slightly seriously claustrophobic-and I won’t be able to enjoy myself amongst the other 2 million or so who will be flooding DC to watch history.

My flat screen and I will watch history from a distance.

Having attended a few black tie events, formal dinners and such, here’s my tips for staying comfortable during the parties and fun during the Inauguration.

  • Eat a decent meal before you get to your party. Food will, at best, be pretty standard. Vegetarians will likely have a harder time finding decent eats than carnivores.
  • Get your drink on before you get there. Remember, most of the parties include thousands just like you. The drink lines will be long. Better yet, bring a flask with your favorite drinkie drink or disguise your imbibing with a nice water bottle. Work it out.
  • Wear a nice coat, but leave the fur at home. In fact, treat this like a flight, don’t bring anything you cannot bear to never see again. Nice things seem to disappear when there is such a large amount of folks gathering in one place.
  • Wear comfortable walking boots (it’s going to be cold and you may have to walk quite a distance from your ride to any entrance), but carry a tote with both your dressy shoes and a pair of flats.
  • In the tote you can also carry a travel-sized lint brush, purse-sized tissue (invaluable!!!), hair stuff (for that hat head you should have from being outside walking around in the dead of winter trying to be cute), an extra pair of pantyhose, and your flask. (You can slip your boots into the tote, and after getting your face hair together in the ladies room, check your tote and keep it moving.)
  • Don’t expect to be able to catch a cab. Expect to walk a good distance.

Have mucho fun!!

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