I won’t teach you to be rich, but Ramit Sethi can

Readers, I was lucky enough to have been given a couple of chapters Ramit’s new book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, before it came out. I read them all like his book was a good murder mystery, salivating while waiting for him to send the next chapter to me. For goodness sake, for a finance book it was really a page turner! 

Realistically, part of your styleosophy should include keeping the finances in check (how else are we able to hit the sales racks at the last minute?). Ramit shows you big and small ways to make a difference in your budget. He is realistic, HILARIOUS, yet an encouraging force to be reckoned with. He pretty much tells the truth on why many folks aren’t financially savvy, while letting us know we can keep drinking our lattes and still enjoy what we love if we get real with ourselves and make money education front and center.

Q: Why is this book different than any other personal-finance books?
A: (Ramit) It works and it’s not boring. Check out how some of my readers used the book to save thousands. But to be serious for a second, the goal of the book is not to create an encyclopedic book that lists every financial term and option. Nobody wants to read a dictionary. If someone gave me a dictionary for my birthday, I would burn it. But it IS designed to reduce the number of choices when it comes to your finances, and let you focus on automating your money so it does the right thing.

You want to know whether to pay off debt or invest? Page 35. Credit card debt? Page 40. Figure out the best accounts (chapters 1-3). Automate your money, with unbelievably tactical graphics and charts of which account should link to which (chap 5), how much you should be spending in each category (104), and a way to start investing that you’ll ACTUALLY do (in chapter 7).

Ramit’s book debuted today, and very quickly it hit the Amazon’s #1 spot! He even knocked the Twilight teenybopper books off the top, CONGRTULATIONS RAMIT!!!!

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