styleosophy’s new favorite rainy day boots

How do I keep my fabulous shoes from getting ruined in the rain? Why isn’t there female version of “galoshes” (men’s waterproof rubber overshoes, you slip them on over a man’s shoes to protect them from the inclement weather)? Why do I have to lug a big pair of rain boots around during the season changes?

These packable rain booties have been around a little over a year. Springtime in the midwest can be a bitch, one day it’s 70 degrees and sunny, the next it’s thundersnowing.

They work by slipping on directly over your shoes (any shoes). They are perfect for heel wearers because there is a little groove inside the boot to fit the heel into, to enclose the heel (which is great if you are stiletto type of babe). They also accomodate flats. What’s not to love about that? I’m ready for bad weather at any time!

Shuella’s come with a cloth to dry the boots off, and a zippered reusable pouch. Great for drying off and quickly stashing them in your tote. $49.95


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2 responses to “styleosophy’s new favorite rainy day boots

  1. SEA

    great tip! your tips are HOT!

  2. style goddess

    SEA, thank you so much for the compliment!

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