we scout wednesday: is art a luxury?

Over on scoutie girl blog it’s “we scout wednesday.”  This week she asks, “is art a luxury?”

I have a decent amount of art in my home (from handmade quilted artwork to drawings my nieces and nephews made for me). I think art is a luxury. Many people associate luxury with money. When it comes to art the two do not equate. The true luxury is the ability to buy something that brings immense visual joy to your eyes, regardless of the price.

Example: I have an artwork I bought in Amsterdam from an artist who is regionally known there. He told me many tourists purchase art from him that depicts street life there, meaning specifically the bicycles, architecture and the many rivers that wind throughout the city. His niche is creating mostly art that tourists preferred.

As I looked through his work, the one item that shouted at me looked nothing like the others. It was neon, on a piece of cardboard. He explained, “that work is more creative. It’s what I do to be more me.” As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going home with me. His eyes lit up, and I knew no matter the price I knew the happiness it would bring in remembrance of my trip.

I asked the price, and it was just 20 euro. It’s priceless to me.

The luxury is every time I look at it I am reminded of the connection I made with the artist, who barely spoke English. He invited me to visit his studio the next time I visit. The conversation he took the time to have with me to explain how he created my artwork made the experience really special.

From my vantage, yes art is a luxury, but it is a luxury that everyone can affordably enjoy.


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2 responses to “we scout wednesday: is art a luxury?

  1. Surounding yourself with beauty is art to me, whether it is flowers, kids scribbles or something that is ‘art’ and hung on the wall. It is not a luxury, it is part of being human. So guess I disagree, but I think it is only in sematics.

  2. glenyse


    Thank you for your comment and for stopping by!

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