my love-hate relationship with Pantene, new product review

I loved Pantene for the longest time. I had been using the basic Pantene shampoos and conditioner as long as my hair was short, which has been about 18 years. My hair started feeling different. Chalk it up to my body aging and just plain old product fatigue. It didn’t react as well when I washed, conditioned and combed. Also, I longed to grow my short hair out into a longer natural mane. But Pantene was no longer serving my needs. I started hating what Pantene was doing to my hair. We broke up roughly two years ago.

After suffering through product denial, different shampoos and conditioners. I settled on Shaikai Shampoos as they were sulfate-free. Shaikai left my hair squeaky clean, often after only one wash. I then found Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner. It was the perfect year-round daily conditioner, and worked well whether the climate was nosebleed dry, icy cold Chicago or drippy, sticky furnace-like heat in Miami.

But I still yearned for a slicker, heavier conditioner that could weigh my hair down a bit. I was still searching for that product that I could use alone and not need more after-products like gels or cream oils. A product that I could use in the shower, comb in, rinse out, and would help to keep my dry-ass curls curly. And hydrated.

This. Is. It. I found it by way of Afrobella who suggested a different Pantene product (thanks Bella). My local CVS was out of the product she suggested, so I tried this one instead:

Deep Conditioner

I love it and it is well worth the suggested price. It is a gives excellent slippage against the comb making my hair super-easy to detangle. It stayed soft through a gelled hairstyle, of which I rinsed only to make the hair springy again. Usually it would have gotten crispy after day three but it my hair simply dried softly and held the curls.

My natural hair doesn’t hold moisture well, especially in the winter! Jumping on and off planes has not helped my hair cause either, as airplane air is notoriously drying. I cannot wait to see how this product will hold up in different climates and through traveling.

I highly recommend it. Now if I could only find a product that gives the same results while my hair is dry….

Full Disclosure: No product was provided for editorial consideration.

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