shoe clips: the underdog accessory

Shoe clips are an easy way to dramatically change the look of your shoes…think of them as jewelry for your feet!

Many shoe clips work triple-time as a hairclip, clipped or pinned brooch. (If you love brooches, but hate pin marks left by them on your lapels, shoe clips fit the bill!) It may even convert for use as a necklace.

Louboutin‘s are absolutely gorgeous as is, but Ms. Kuehn’s Crystal Shoe Clip takes it up several notches (I didn’t think it could be done!):

Bijou Crystal Shoe Clip on a Louboutin

Bijou Crystal Shoe Clip on a Louboutin

Here’s how they attach to the shoe:
Back of Bijou Crystal Shoe Clip

All images are from Kristin Kuehn Designs, and the Bijou Clip is $80.

Brides who are planning weddings, this is a great gift for a bridesmaid. They can be attached to just about any shoe, instantly changing the look.

Here’s a more casual look from Absolutely Audrey:

Absoulutely Audrey Diana Shoe Clips

Absoulutely Audrey Diana Shoe Clips

This clip would work with a flat, or heel. I could see it with a red, black or white shoe. At $22.50, it would be a great addition to your accessory wardrobe.

Happy shopping!


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4 responses to “shoe clips: the underdog accessory

  1. Beautiful clips, they totally change the look of the shoe. Great photos too!

  2. styleosophy

    Thanks for stopping by and thank you very much for your comment!

  3. Really cute stuff. I first saw shoe clips on Modcloth and had to do some research to find out what they even were! Haha! Apparently they used to be a really common accessory since women didn’t own as many pairs of shoes back in the day (mass-production making them cheaper now and all that!) But the ones at Modcloth were mostly kitschy little compasses and silly thing. I like whimsy (a lot actually) but I thought that putting compasses on my shoes might make me look like Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. The ones you posted though are gorgeous, so now I’m reconsidering looking into getting some.

    • styleosophy

      Thank you for the mini education, and for your comment. The ones I featured are a little more, mature, I guess. Either pair would be a great addition to ones shoe accessory collection.

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