shopping for vintage online

I love the idea of going vintage shopping, without having to go to the actual store.


  • Online shopping, what could you possibly hate about that? No parking the car, no travel worries, and it comes straight to your doorstep
  • Items are curated, you don’t have picked over items, won’t have to deal with broken zippers, rips or tears because the online vintage store most likely won’t sell items in that condition
  • If it’s vintage, you likely will not see anyone else in it
  • You are also helping green the environment by recycling


  • Usually return policies are very simple, there are no returns
  • You can’t touch it
  • Your gorgeous new item may not fit

If you are buying vintage online, read very carefully all pertinent information regarding sizing and do not sleep on the vendors return policy.

Listed here are a few stores I am looking forward to buying from.

Couture Allure is run by a mother and daughter team, Jody and Sarah. Their site lists many beautiful items, in a variety of sizes. Sometimes you find a good vintage site, but many of wardrobe items are suited towards a woman under the size 12 range. Couture Allure has an extensive size range and an easy to navigate site.

This vintage 60s DAN MILLSTEIN Leopard Faux Fur Swing Jacket Coat is currently on sale for $195.00

vintage 60s DAN MILLSTEIN Leopard Faux Fur Swing Jacket Coat

Nancy Robertson started the niche site Little Black Vintage Dress after running another online vintage site for 6 years. All she sells are black LBD‘s! Nancy also sells vintage accessories and the site is lists dresses from the era of which it produced.

This dress reminds me a Halston original (it’s 42 Euro, and she does ship overseas)

little black dress

little black dress

Happy online thrifting!

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