friday favorites with styleosophy: 25 feb 2011

cheesy smile

One of my invisible mentors, Colleen Wainwright was recently interviewed by Marilyn Maciel on La Salonniere. Colleen started out taking two weeks off from her successful business communicatrix at the end of 2009; it morphed into entirely taking 2010 off. Colleen and I met in 2009 at one of Pam Slim‘s workshops and I will never forget her wit, honesty and great persona. To top it off, she’s hilarious (and I’m glad she’s feeling better!).

greg goss in tribal dress

Greg Goss explains how he went Africa as one person and came back as three. His recent travel to Africa was a transformational experience. In a series of posts he explains the beauty of the land and it’s people and immensely enjoyed reading this series though his eyes.

Nordstrom bought flash sale site I think this means Nordstrom will be getting more of my money in 2012.


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2 responses to “friday favorites with styleosophy: 25 feb 2011

  1. I love having any powers of invisibility, even not-immediately-useful ones! Thanks for the kind words. Pam always has the best people around her, doesn’t she?

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