mullet dresses + wrong shoes = zoe saldana style story

Zoe is doing the press junket for her new movie. Normally she kills it on the red carpet and is usually seen rocking pretty big fashion risks.

mullet dress:
Love the Balmain beaded dress, but she could have saved the trouble of adding that plain curtain on the back. With a dress so detailed, more is more. The train could have equaled or at least rivaled the Balmain dress.

wrong shoes:
I don’t understand the black cage sandals with the rest of the outfit. The shoes seem like an afterthought. (Maybe she broke a heel on the banging ass shoes that were picked out for the dress?) The intricate gold, steel, bronze, off-white metallic beading, and low-cut bust line are calling for a stunning nude, or metallic shoe to work the hell out of the dress.

style story:
Picking the wrong shoes for an outfit will make it a wrong outfit. If in doubt about what you should wear to make an outfit memorable and stunning, play all the accessories up to the main piece. Example, play the shoes, purse and jewelery up to kill it and compliment the dress. Or choose the other way around, and choose a super stunning dress and keep your accessories simple, chic and in a complimentary color scheme.

Topshop Pritte Barely There Sandals £75.00

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN - Peep platform shoe

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