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friday favorites! (things that made me happy this week)

When I started peri-menopause, my mom emphatically stated “get over it. It’s no use complaining about it, you will be uncomfortable, you be moody. Your grandmother started early, and so did I. We didn’t take any drugs, we just dealt with it.” She was not very encouraging, to put it lightly.

So I am dealing with it, drug-free (so far). I have great days dealing with it and some not so great nights. I started carrying a fan in my purse for my “personal summers,” days where I suddenly am hit with a hot flash that flushes my face red and leaves me sweating like the walls of a steam room.

Night sweats are a different story.  Sleeping naked helps, and so does a lightweight down comforter for mr. styleosophy, for those nights when both the air conditioner and ceiling fan are working in tandem.

I was pretty happy about finding Miriam Killeen’s review of Hot Flash Havoc over on The Succulent Wife.

HOT FLASH HAVOC is enlightening, entertaining, humorous, profound, and is a crash-course in what every woman needs to know about perimenopause and menopause.  It has the power to be a life changing experience for every woman. This movie will clarify the confusion surrounding hormones. This is a must see movie for any woman over 35 years of age.

I’m looking forward getting educated when it arrives.

random greatness!

From Clutch: Freshman Imani Gregory makes her moves on the football field. And her mom played the game also! Sweet.


Watching this video, I was amazed at how big the doorknocker earrings were. Check out the peplum skirts. A lot of that 80’s fashion is back in style. Michigan native sings A Long Time, Mayer Hawthorne. (Hats off to Cecelia Ossoro).

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