What’s your styleosophy?

Don’t know what it is yet? Still looking for it?

I would love to help you find it!

I’m no spring chicken. My professional life calls for a look that’s polished but I love to let my styleosophy show through. It is what I call “business sexy”, clothes that are tailored, fitted, almost clingy, yet showing no skin; accentuating and accessorizing with unusual touches. I love to get dressed and I love to help others get dressed!!!

It’s an understatement that when you are dressed your best, you feel your best.

styleosophy was a term I coined when random folks consistently started asking for style tips and help. Defined, it is simply your style + philosophy. Every person has a styleosophy. Every home has a styleosophy. You may not know what it means to you yet, but you have it.

Please send reader input, press releases, and advertising pitches to glenyse at glenyse dot com

Dress well, Glenyse


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  1. Congrats on your blog. Individual style is where its at!

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