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ecologically chic: recycle plastic bags and packing paper for use with your handbags

Part of the appeal when shopping for a handbag is it looks all pretty and filled out on the shelf-it’s a part of the marketing to make that bag look damn good so you want to take it home. I dislike smushed corners, and dents that come with purses being too crowded together. 

To combat that, I recycle plastic shopping bags and most of the packing materials from shipped packages for use as stuffing while storing my handbags. Another good source of packing materials is from shoe boxes!

It’s easy to start.

  • Take a sturdy large upright paper bag
  • Set it in a convenient place proper to wherever you store your handbags
  • As you have plastic, paper, etc., come into your home, simply toss it in the bag. If you are recycling plastic bags from the grocery, just make sure nothing has leaked onto or soiled your plastic bags before storing them
  • The stuffing is ready whenever you are

If you are lucky enough to have shelf space to store your handbags upright, once a bag has been stuffed, and it is time to bring it into use, let the recycled material serve as a placeholder until it returns and simply restuff  it into your bag once you are ready to store the handbag again.

Also, moderately priced bags and higher usually come with a fabric purse protection bag. If you don’t care to use them for your purses, save them for use as travel bags for your shoes. You can throw the fabric purse protection bags into the same bag you store your recycled purse stuffing in, or store them in your luggage for future use.


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Unclump that mascara with your own free eyelash brush, tuesday’s tip

Ladies (and gents-you know who you are), ever get clumps while trying to apply fresh coat of mascara? Or you think you cleaned your eyelashes well, but your lashes say otherwise? I know I’m not the only one.

But you don’t always have time in the mornings to run back into the bathroom, pull out that fantastic eyelash makeup remover, swipe, rinse residue, and reinsert contacts.

Before you throw out that three-month old mascara, remove the wand (dispose of the container it came with. You can’t reuse that thing).

  1. Rinse in cool water, applying a little dishwashing liquid.
  2. Rinse well, repeat. This time, look for all residue from the water to run clear. Rinse well, repeat.
  3. Place the wand on a paper towel or tissue and let it dry.

Now you have a free, resuable, rewashable, eyelash brush. You loved the brush anyway cause it helped with all those previous applications of mascara until it started clumping, so why not recycle the wand? Use it to brush out and separate your lashes in between applications of fresh mascara. That’s ecologically chic!


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repurposed traveable wool handbags for fall, ecologically chic

When I first spied these felt bags on (which a fabulous site!), I thought, I have to find out more about their original maker. I want to think Josh Jakus was thinking of me when he created these ecologically chic bags.


I’m the type of girl who changes her bag every single day. I mean, I come home, get relaxed, and sort all of my stuff out of my purse, leave it on my desk for the next day. I’m a big beleiver in varied accessories and hate to carry the same bag day-in-day-out. New day, new bag.

When I travel, I still like to change out my bag everyday. What makes it hard is that you have a limited amount of accessories you can carry. I usually serve the purpose of varied handbags by carrying Lesportsac bags, but during the fall monthes have yearned for something more substantional, more fall like, than my collection of summery-weight nylon Sportsacs.


  This is the clutch unzipped, $65  felt-2.jpg

And the tote is hot, $115  felt-tote-3.jpgfelt-tote-2.jpg

This is what the tote looks like unzipped felt-tote-1.jpg

These bags unzip to lie flat making them a great travel accessory – it also helps while storing them and getting them dry cleaned. The bags are made from factory wool excess, so we also get the benefit of recycling. Another benefit, grey is a great neutral to the varying colors of fall.

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