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Affordable diamonds and sharks nipping at your neck

I found this diamond cutout shape in mirrored Lucite at Supermarket. We can all afford diamonds at this price, $32. I wanna focus on everything Supermarket carries, everything is pretty hot, but ain’t got time for all that!

Called the jawsome shark, at $30 you get a sterling silver vicious animal to hang round your neck. I think it’s sexy.


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the house that eva built


Cufflinks provide a few purposes in the accessories department (at least in my mind). They keep your french cuffs, well, cuffed and you can make a distinct statement. Also, for the man that typically shuns extra adornment, they can easily add function and personal style to your wardrobe.

These commissioned cufflinks from Eva Martin Jewelry, are architecturally built in the form of a columned house with carnelian roofs. Very modern, clean, contemporary and unique. Simply stunning! She can be reached via email, She has also commissioned other jewelery, which is shown on her site. (I love her rings too!)



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