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part two on flash sales, featuring ideeli and ruelala

In this post, I talked about how Ramit Sethi keeps himself looking good for all those appearances he has to make. He does it at a discount, and he saves time by shopping on the web, the items come right to his doorstep, and most of the items are name brand at up to 70% off.

Part Two of this post takes us over to ideeli and rue la la. Next week I will give you my thoughts on Billion Dollar Babes, The Sample Sale, and One Kings Lane.

You have to join to be able to enjoy the savings, and joining is free.

Like other limited-sales sites, one has to act quickly to get the items you like. Ideeli offers viewing to those who are not upgraded members (2nd Row Members), before the sale starts. But exactly an hour before the sale opens to everyone, 1st Row Members are able to start purchasing. If you have your credit card ready for purchase on an item it can get pretty sickening watching it disappear before your eyes.

For a yearly fee you are able to shop before the rest of the peons and small-players. I am thinking about testing it out, There are sales that are only open to 1st Row Members and I would love to see what other perks included over and above free membership. Being a 1st Row Member comes in handy on days like ideeli red, where ideeli throws everything out there seen in recent sales at even more deeply discounted prices. This usually happens on a Saturday and everything goes fast! A recent Prada sale sold out it about an hour. But many of the items for sale on ideeli sell out quickly because they offer a good selection of items you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

I like ideeli’s variety, not only in brands but the fact they offer plus-size, petites and european brands also. Categories offered are women’s, men’s, home goods (calphalon almost always sells out), children’s items and travel. Ideeli offers some amazing contests also. Shopping starts at 11 am central daily.

Any item return is for store-credit only. You must initiate the return process within 14 days of the original ship date.  They do have certain rules around what can be returned, so be sure to check what you are purchasing to make sure you will not have issues if it does not work out for you. Shoes and apparel are mostly what can be returned, and that excludes the ideeli red sales. Return shipping is free.

Ideeli is one my favorites out of all the limited-time shopping sites because it is so easy to use, and really customer friendly. If you would like to join, send me an email at glenyse at gmail dot com.

Rue La La, well who the hell wouldn’t love that name!!

Let’s start with the ease of navigation. Big buttons, awesome pictures. Great sales. They offer women’s, men’s, home goods, children’s and most recently they have started adding travel and sports themed sales (Callaway Golf anyone?). I would work for them if I could. They make it easy to want to spend your money with them. A St. John sale is coming up soon and let me tell you I will be front and center at 10 am central when that page opens up!

Joining is free and it is a free for all! No upgrades here baby! And Rue La La does not disappoint. Business attire, evening attire. It’s all offered and it goes quickly. It’s prom and wedding time. If you know your size and have a good tailor on hand you could walk away from Rue La La with exactly what you need at TJ Maxx prices! Quick shipping, great customer service. I highly recommend this for items you would love to have in your home without the wear of waiting for the sale. The sale comes to you and ships right to your doorstep!

Returns are free and are for store-credit only. Returns must be done within 30 days. There are restrictions on what can be returned, check out the return policy if you think you may have a problem later (so if you pick up that Cosabella bra, make sure you have someone in mind that it could be gifted in the event it does not fit. Lingerie is typically one of the categories none of the flash sales sites will accept returns on).

If you would like to join, send me an email at glenyse at gmail dot com.


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looking for the perfect housewarming gift?

Alessi Lilliput Salt/Pepper, Orange

Designed by Stephano Giovanni, this salt and pepper shaker set is whimsical and fun. Bonus points for being functional too. Retail, $32. Also, it comes in four different colors…easy to match your giftees decor.

Mono Gemiini Stacking Salt & Pepper

Need a more modern housewarming gift? Does your giftee like everything sleek, sparse yet elegant? Designed by Mikaela Dorfel, at $65 this white, salt and pepper shaker set won’t break the bank. Love the minimalistic feel. Functional art at it’s best.

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