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tuesday’s tip: lost earring back

This one is an oldie but a goodie.

A coworker dropped by my desk to ask if I had an extra earring back, she had lost hers.

I opened my desk drawer, cut the eraser tip off a pencil, and pushed it onto the back of earring.

Problem solved.


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all-year round wardrobe tips, part one

Guys and gals, fashion is year-round. Your styleosophy should reflect that. I am doing a series of posts on how to transition your wardrobe items, either into storage, or recycle directly back into use for the season. I want to help you focus on how to make the most of your wardrobe, all-year round. Need a specific question answered? Email it to me at

Coats, jackets, and trenches
Have you recently made a spring purchase in this category? Once you get it home, get your needle and thread out. Reinforce the buttons. If you can’t sew, take the purchase to the cleaners and have them do it. The cost should be negligible, but well worth it.

If your newly purchased item is anything less than haute couture, you better believe that whoever sewed those buttons on only gave enough staying power to keep them on from the manufacturer to you taking it home. And usually that’s not a lot of reinforcement.

Also, put your winter coats in the cleaners. Ask them to reinforce all your buttons, and ask if they can store your coats through to the fall. Why have them taking up space in your closet over the summer?

Pants into Capris or Shorts
I don’t know if this is a generational thing or not, but I often see young ladies walking on the back of their nice dress pants, tearing them up. They get all frayed, nasty looking, and give an otherwise magnificent outfit an unkempt look. Yeech.

An ecologically chic solution: take your pants to the tailor and get them shortened into capris. It’s an super-easy update, and capris are fashionable all-year round.

Guys, this one applies to you also. Shorts are in for the fellas. Take advantage of this tip with your worn-out hemmed dress pants and request your tailor update them into bermudas or longer-length shorts. Pair them with a dressier shirt. Very fashionable this year and an excellent way to recycle new fashion into your wardrobe for the summer.

Where do you find a good tailor? Start with referrals from friends and family or ask at your cleaners.

If you have committed this fashion crime in the past and would prefer to not put yourself through all that unstylish torture again, get some Zakkerz.

Part two next Monday 🙂


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tuesday’s tip: give your camera it’s own dogtag

Give yourself a little preventative medicine today….you may not ever need this tip but you may kick yourself if you don’t take the time to do it.

If you own anything electronic that takes pictures (pda, iPhone, Blackberry, camera, etc.), take out a sheet of paper. Write your contact info on the paper. Take a picture of the paper. Or if you have a business card, take a picture of that.

You’ve just created the best ‘just-in-case-I-lose-this-thing’ scenario possible.

If someone finds it, and they decide to look through those photos, they instantly know how to reach you. Happy picture taking!

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