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tuesday’s tip: pick up at departures

Usually, Arrivals is crowded, police and tow trucks are looking to hook and book you and what should be a happy moment can be quite stressful.

Who hasn’t gone to pick up someone at the airport, and because they haven’t made it out yet, you had to do ‘the circle’ (circling around until the passenger makes it out of the airport to the pickup spot)?

What makes picking up people easier for me? Meet me at Departures. Yes, Departures!

There is almost always less traffic, fewer people, less stress at Departures. Make life easier for the person picking you up at the airport, have them meet you in the Departures (upon your arrival).


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tuesday’s tip: flat rate shipping

I love to travel. I’ve finessed packing light, and fitting all toiletries into a ziplock bag not much bigger than my hand. On the other hand I hate checking luggage. (Have you ever met anyone who loves checking lugagge?) But I have never been able to not shop while on a trip.

To alleviate the airlines taking an extra $25 to $50 bucks off my hands on my return trip home (due to overweight luggage), I stop at the Post Office and pick up a couple of Flat Rate Shipping Boxes.

Say you are going to a conference, where you know you are going to come home with a lot of books, brochures and whatnot? Flat Rate is great, because no matter how much the box weighs, it’s still a flat rateAnd the Post Office provides the boxes for FREE. You can also have the post office mail the empty boxes directly to you (again, FREE), and throw a few in your luggage before you leave. If you ship to yourself, you don’t have to drag that extra reading material from airport to airport or gate to gate-it will usually get to you within two days of shipping (yet another bonus, it’s Priority Mail!).
Flat Rate Box

For you gals that love shoes, the last time I stopped in Vegas, I had a field day shopping the sales! I bought six pair, threw the boxes away, wrapped them in tissue, and fit at least four pair in one large Flat Rate Box.

On the day before my trip ends, I pre-pack everything I will need for the next day, and set aside whatever I don’t need that can be shipped. (If it’s work stuff that I picked up on the trip, I ship it my job, alleviating the need of dragging it from my house to work). I pack it up, and drop it at the Post Office. I even ship my toiletries (lotions, hair gel, etc.,) I may not need, or want to carry on the return back to myself also.

The best part is, sometimes it feels like an extension of my vacation when I get that box!

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tuesday’s tip: lost earring back

This one is an oldie but a goodie.

A coworker dropped by my desk to ask if I had an extra earring back, she had lost hers.

I opened my desk drawer, cut the eraser tip off a pencil, and pushed it onto the back of earring.

Problem solved.

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